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RL Boutique

Our exclusive line of RL-branded clothing is here and sure to impress.  Here's a look at just a fraction of the items we've selected for you! Who's ready to be trend-setters with our RL Boutique line of clothes and accessories? Read below for our important shopping details!

Shopping Details: What you need to know

  • Shop and find all your goodies

  • Pull all tags and put them in a Ziploc bag

  • Count items and then count tags to verify the number

  • Write your name and the number of items on the bag

  • You are welcome to try on the clothing, but please do not take items to your hotel room without pulling the tags

  • We will follow up with invoices after Conference

  • If you purchase more than will fit in your suitcase, talk to us about shipping your items

  • The RL Store will be open throughout the weekend! Shop anytime! Please start a new Ziploc bag each time you shop

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