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Conference Agenda


8:45 AM      Doors Open (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)


9:00 AM      Conference Kickoff


9:15 AM       Superhero Leadership: Unlock Your Potential for Influence and Positive Impact Brett Culp


10:15 AM     Meet and Greet with Brett Culp


10:30 AM    Shop the Boutique


10:55 AM    Moving on Up Carley Pepper


11:05 AM    Years of Service Awards Rhea Lana Riner


11:15 AM     Making Marketing Moves

                          Bethany Guyton and Abbie Kent  ~ New Product Reveal!

11:45 AM    Break for Lunch Jade Chisum


1:00 PM      Welcome Back

                             Conference Video


1:15 PM       Community, Connection, Culture Rhea Lana Riner


2:00 PM      RL Journey Sarah McGarl


2:25 PM      Instagram Breakout Sessions

                         - Instagram 101 – Basics (Dade)

                                with Jade Chisum, Bethany Guyton, and Genevieve Steinmetz

                             - Instagram 201 – Advanced (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)

                                with Danielle Keller and Abbie Kent

                             - Instagram 301 – Next Level (Escambia)

                                with Natalie Nolen

3:10 PM       Break


3:20 PM      Breakout Sessions: Reels

                         - Reels 101 – Basics (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)

                               with Genevieve Steinmetz

                            - Reels 201 – Advanced (Dade)

                              with Danielle Keller and Abbie Kent

                            - Reels 301 – Next Level (Escambia)

                               with Megan Mouton, Jade Chisum and Bethany Guyton (Escambia)


4:05 PM      Break


4:15 PM       Ice Cream vs. Sprinkles

                            - Launch/Fearless (Escambia)

                              with Edwina Littlejohn and Haley Lowery

                            - Determined/Relentless (Dade)

                              with Amber Gingerich 

                            - Unstoppable (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)

                               with Rachel Grote/Rebekah Hall

5:00 PM      End for the Day


6:15 PM       Team photos (Floridian AB)


6:30 PM      Group photo (Floridian AB) Don't Be Late! 

                        Cash Bar Opens

                        360 photo booth opens


7:00 PM      Awards Dinner and Celebration (Floridian AB)


9:00 AM     The Winning Leadership Style of Ted Lasso Ashley Shaver


9:15 AM      State of the Company Rhea Lana and Dave Riner


10:05 AM   RL Journey Edwina Littlejohn 

10:15 AM   Owners Sale Details


10:20 AM   Break/Shop


10:40 AM    Corporate Social Media Services to Serve You Jade Chisum and Genevieve Steinmetz


11:10 AM    FranConnect Nick Shulze


11:20 AM     KC Store Fixtures Erin Franklin        

11:25 AM     Merchandising Strategies to Increase Profits Carley Pepper

11:45 AM     Break for Lunch

1:15 PM        RL Journey Deanna Harding

1:30 PM      Breakout Session: Creating FOMO

                        - Launch - Lynzie Brewer (Escambia)

                           - Fearless/Determined - Lauren Aloia/Jeanette Smith (Dade)

                           - Relentless/Unstoppable - Susan Cedatol (Citrus/Collier/Columbia) 


2:15 PM      Break


2:25 PM     Breakout Session: Event Management 

                        - Launch/Fearless – Event Management 101 – Kim Burbank/Jo Anna Robold (Escambia)

                           - Determined/Relentless - Event Management 201 – Tina Kirkpatrick/Brittany Smith (Dade)

                           - Unstoppables - Event Management 301 – Carley Pepper (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)


3:10 PM      Break


3:20 PM     Brainstorming with Unstoppables - Event Logistics 

                        - Sarah, Jeanette, Julie, Ashley, and Autumn (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)

                           - Carley, Amber, Amanda, and Lynzie (Dade)

                           - Christine, Erin, Katelyn, and Emily (Escambia)

                           - Jennifer, Kim, Natalie, and Mary (Manatee)

                           - Rachel, Stacey, Rebekah, and Susan (Lake)


4:05 PM    Break 

4:15 PM     IT Update Briana Pinkerton, Dave Riner and Nick Shulze

5:00 PM    End for the Day

Spend the evening with your RL friends! Hang out with the Corporate Team at the pool bar. Touch base with them after the last session to find out where to meet. 


Wear Pink!

9:00 AM     Sunday Breakfast

                         Personal Headshots

                         Group Photo

                         Conference Video

                         Mystery Sister Reveal Stacey Black 


9:30 AM    Welcome Corporate Marketing Team

9:45 AM    Break


9:50 AM    Final Thoughts with your Mentor Team 

​                        - Launch (Lake)

                        - Fearless (Escambia)

                        - Determined (Manatee)

                        - Relentless (Dade)

                        - Unstoppable (Citrus/Collier/Columbia)

10: 20 AM   Break


10:25 AM    Stress Management/Family Life Balance/Fighting Burnout Jennifer Rogers      

10: 45 AM   Conference Takeaways Carley Pepper

11:00 AM     2023 Conference Ends

SEE YOU IN 2024! 

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